Here is a big spreadsheet[1] listing most of the things I've been listening to on my own since #inflictnick.

Note: This wasn't compiled very scientifically. I just went through all the albums I had starred in Tidal and then added a few things from other sources (like Bandcamp purchases). There will probably be some overlap with stuff folks recommended for #inflictnick, but that doesn't necessarily mean I liked that stuff better than other recommendations. The #inflictnick playlist is over here on Spotify. You can see my posts about what I listened to by browsing the music tag, and you can absolutely continue to recommend music by tweeting at me with the #inflictnick hashtag. : )

I also didn't try to include all the music I like & listen to, ever; pre-existing preferences like Neko Case[2] are mostly not listed. This just is mostly just stuff that's relatively new to me.

For the genres, I literally just went by whatever turned up when I googled the artist and/or album. I don't understand musical genre divisions at all. I didn't before, and thanks to the process of collecting this data on what presumably is the internet consensus for each artist, I possibly understand somewhat less. Like, not even touching electronic music micro-genres, what the fuck is the relationship between americana, folk, alt-country, roots rock, etc.? This shit is confusing, man. Also I don't really care that much.

Feel free to drop music genre knowledge on me or not, at your discretion.

I didn't try to provide a rating system per se, b/c who the fuck am I to rate music? But I did want to distinguish between the stuff I liked and didn't. So there's a "Do I like it?" column with the following values:

  • A lot
  • Yes
  • No but it's interesting
  • Meh
  • Not for me
  • I forget

At some point I will hopefully go back and re-listen to the stuff which I cannot remember whether or not I like. Also I will continue to update the spreadsheet for some period of time, probably, but at some point I will probably forget all about it.

  1. neeeeeeerd ↩︎

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my burrito twin and all-time musical fav ↩︎