Update 2/1/17

Some new notes:

  • I really liked Digable Planets.
  • Zevon's Transverse City is wild. That's actually a sort of a holdover from earlier periods, @earthtopus has been trying to get me to listen to it for ages. I like Zevon a lot, and I like some of Transverse City, but I'm not sure how I feel about it as a whole.
  • Miles Davis's Big Fun is fascinating. In the past I have always bounced off of jazz; this time I was fascinated and into it, but I was also acutely conscious of how much was going over my head. I couldn't even crap track of song transitions, lol.
  • Victoria Spivey is fucking hilariously filthy, oh man. Delightful.
  • Laura Marling (Short Movie, Once I Was an Eagle, I Speak Because I can) is something I'm going to have to come back to before I can decide how I feel. The sort of Bob-Dylan-Doing-Joni-Mitchell talk-sing style is hard for my head to process, I think maybe b/c it's hitting both music and spoken word/poetry parts of my brain? I dunno.
  • Currently working on a couple of Cat Power albums suggested by @artincircles (Sun, The Greatest). These are good, and super different from the one Cat Power album I really love, You Are Free. I think You Are Free appeals to me in significant part because it's more minimal? I find it easier to keep track of her voice when there isn't as much else going on around it.

It's interesting & cool to see people's approaches to recommendations. Like, @artincircles is
going for depth by zeroing in on a subgenre while @captnarrr is hitting me with the kitchen sink. And @earthtopus is looking edge cases to weird me out with.

All of which (And more! -- I'm enjoying everybody's stuff) is awesome. Not every album/artist/song clicks for me, but that's not even necessarily the point, b/c it's a super fascinating process.

Also, I was serious earlier when I said I don't really have taste in music -- which is different from not having a preference, or from having bad taste. (Well, hopefully.)

I haven't really paid attention to enough music to form proper judgments and, you know, acquire a taste for things. (There are some exceptions to that -- a handful of artists I've done deep dives with (okay, mostly just Neko Case).)

So, for a lot of this stuff, I can't really judge yet. Or, rather, all my judgments are tentative, and I need to both let stuff soak in and go back through and re-listen to a bunch of things and think/feel further about them.