I don't know why, but this year I've found myself able to listen to a lot more music.

Normally, music is very hard on my brain/feels. I don't have a lot of patience for it, and it can trigger depression. I use music sparingly, and really only listen to a handful of artists.

I think maybe because everything is just SOOOOOOO intensely fucked up in the world right now, my brain is going, "fuck it, whatever, I don't care." So, I can listen to more stuff!

I don't really have taste to speak of, in music, so I've been soliciting people to inflict their taste on me.

The results have been fun, and weird. I set up a playlist in Spotify if you want to listen along. It's currently almost 26 hours long (as of 1/30/17).

I don't have strong judgments formed yet, but some tentative thoughts:

  • Bomba Estéreo is super fun to listen to
  • Also Big Freedia
  • I bounced off of Paul Simon's Stranger to Stranger b/c the lyrics are very white whine
  • I bounced off Flaming Lips b/c I got bored
  • I liked Emily Haines solo, which is very on brand for me, and also Metric, which is not on brand
  • Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials is a little...Florence and the Céline? for me
  • Right now listening to & enjoying Digable Planets
  • I need to go back and give 2nd/3rd listens to a bunch of stuff

Will update later with more noncommittal thoughts, probably.