Watching the most recent Nashville episode, and I was quite struck by some of the imagery in the lyrics to one of the songs:

This plane can fly on just one engine

This heart can beat without affection

I'm not a choice, I'm a natural selection

Well, this house can stand just fine on its own

This hand's gonna rule without a throne

I'm not the mother, I'm the queen of invention

I'm gonna make you see the difference between just quittin' and survival

I've got a voice, and I've made my choice between heartbreak and revival

Oh I know you'll hate how I make everything look easy to do

Oh but it's my pleasure doing everything better without you

'Cause this one works better than two

I didn't actually love the song as performed in this case (although I like a lot of that character's stuff), but that "I'm not a choice, I'm a natural selection" / "I'm not the mother, I'm the queen of invention" is fucking awesome. And really interesting.

Also, is the hearbreak and revival thing basically saying the romantic equivalent of a DNR? Because that is also badass.

Anyway, I googled a bit, and the writers of the song are: Kate York, Tofer Brown, Natalie Hemby and Rosi Golan. You can see them talk about it a little at ABC's website.