Kalli: also, that reminded me of this

kukkurovaca: Needs more sexy car crashes.

kukkurovaca: Also more Elizabeth Taylor.

Kalli: heh

kukkurovaca: Seriously, that is some wussy hipster bullshit.

Kalli: hah!

kukkurovaca: Ballard needs to give you an awkward boner that is coextensive with existential dread, suicidal ideation, and a magazine ad.

Kalli: lolol

Kalli: so, Doctor Krieger is a JG Ballard poster boy?

Kalli: no, wait, he's not embarrassed by his awkward boners

kukkurovaca: A little, yeah.

kukkurovaca: Imagine a three way between Krieger, Mallory Archer, and cyborg Barry, on a rigid airship that is on crashing while on fire.

Kalli: the last episode of Archer had some fantastic Krieger moments

kukkurovaca: That's JG Ballard country. That's where the flavor is.

Kalli: could my penis be any more erect?

kukkurovaca: Ewrecked penis.